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Mike here – glad you found my little site. If you are having troubles with agoraphobia, panic and anxiety and are looking for information about it and how overcoming agoraphobia can be done then I hope I can help you as this is a serious condition that needs to be dealt with, and can be dealt with through self help!

Though I have not experienced agoraphobia I have had a terrifying panic attack before and have seen members of my family deal with anxiety and panic through their lives as well. The one I suffered was so scary I thought I was going to die. I ended up in hospital with a doctor basically telling me that there was nothing wrong with me. The look he gave me was so humiliating that I just wanted to crawl under the bed and die – I was lucky not to have any more so when I imagine people with serious panic disorders and anxiety like agoraphobia I know you would need a cure for this condition fast!

My sincere hope is that my site can help to give you the information your need on overcoming agoraphobia, panic and anxiety completely. No one should have to live a life so trapped by fear – I am a firm believer than self help and guidance can truly change peoples lives!

overcoming agoraphobia and panic

Barry Joe McDonah - Author of Panic Away

This is why I want to tell you a little about a guy called Barry Joe McDonah.

Barry is a lot like you and me, he suffered horrendously from panic and anxiety through his youth – but he was determined to end this problem and did so. Now, and for the last 10 years he has been teaching others how to overcome panic and anxiety disorders over the Internet.

When I set this site up to inform agoraphobics of their condition and self help options I went on a search for additional resources to help. I found a huge amount of trash that promised a lot, but delivered nothing. This is until I found Barry’s site and had a look at his teachings. This was such a huge step above the rest that I decided to make it my primary recommended resource for my visitors.

Example of some media produced by Barry

You see, Barry owns a site and downloadable guide called Panic Away which is incredibly popular. This contains an ebook, animations, coaching session, and access to more resources all in one. Barry has sold over 50,000 copies of this guide helping so many people end their fear in a unique way. It does not involve the usual coping mechanisms which are helpful but do not solve the problem. Instead Barry eschews these things like deep breathing, distraction, and completely gets rid of medication too. Barry teaches a single, powerful psychological technique that can end panic and anxiety very quickly once you have mastered it.

So if you are here looking for a sure fire way to overcome agoraphobia, anxiety and panic then I highly recommend you visit Barry’s site through the link below and listen a short video he has compiled. I guarantee what he says will resonant strongly with you as it did with me.

self help for overcoming agoraphobia

Click Here to Visit the Official Panic Away Website

If you want more general information on overcoming agoraphobia then please view the articles on the right hand side that gives you a good run through of agoraphobia, panic and anxiety.

If you want to know more about Panic Away, please also read my full review of the package on my Panic Away Review Page

If you have any questions about overcoming agoraphobia self help, please feel free to email me or leave a comment!


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  • This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

    • Hey there,

      Thank for the comment! I hope that my little sites can help people and importantly start a conversation. So many people suffering from anxiety and panic are too shy or ashamed to ask for help or talk about it so I love comments :)

  • Hi Mike thanks for the site and the links. My brother suffers form this condition so I was thinkign abotu getting this panic away thingy for him for his birthday. Can you get a printed copy of it or is it just an ebook?

    • Hi Kiki,
      I believe there is an option to purchase a hard copy as well as just a digital download. If you get the printed copy I am also sure you can get all the digital stuff as well so you get the best of both worlds!

  • I thought that I was depressed, but after reading your stuff on this site I think maybe I have this agoraphobia thing. I have this intense feelings of losing control when something goes wrong and i start shaking and breathing hard. I broke down once and just cried when someone tried to steal my bad on a crowded street which was the most embarrassing thing ever as I am 26 years of FFS! I got so bad i felt i could not breathe and had a lot of the symptoms of what you describe a panic attack to be.

    However I also cannot even get out of bed and leave the house some days due to lack of motivation, but also fear. Am I nuts? I just feel so powerless …

    • Hey man,

      I know how you feel to a degree as I have had a brush with depression myself. However depression isn’t usually characterised by panic attacks, so I would say that your feelings of not being in control, feeling powerless outside of your comfort zone and so forth is very likely to be agoraphobia or a similar anxiety disorder.

      This being said, you might also be suffering from depression as well as they are not mutually exclusive things. In fact high anxiety and the problems it causes can very well be something that can lead to depression.

      My suggestion would be to combat that panic and anxiety and through this you may very well lift your depressive state as well. The first step is acknowledging the problem, understanding it – then you can act. Read the articles here, do some research on I, but I do recommend taking a look at Panic Away as well as I continue to hear more and more feedback on its effectiveness.

  • Hey, I just wanted to let everyone know that you can totally overcome agoraphobia.
    I used to shut myself away and hide, hardly ever went out and all the same stuff man til I started working out at home and changed my diet heaps.
    Helped a lot and could start dealign with all the shit, took me over a year but i am now lovign life its so damn awesome so nevr give up and never let anyone tell u than u cant do it either!

  • I have never been diagnosed with agoraphobia but thats bc i wont tell anyone about it. I am embarrassed. I fear people wont understand. I am becoming depressed bc I want to get out and do stuff- but unless its part of my routine, I cant. I am a runner from confrontation and I prefer to be isolated when I am not working. My job keeps me social but its different bc its like a differet hat that i put on. Ahh!! This is all really embarrassing to even talk about. :-/

    • Hey Brandy,

      Do not be embarressed! Do you know that there are 40 million people in the US who suffer from an anxiety disorder? You are not alone, and you are not a freak or an oddity in any way whatsoever OK. The great thing about the internet is you can be anonymous and talk about these things – and also find help.

      I totally understand about the different hats thing also. Everyone does this to a certain extent in thier lives, we all play the part we think we need to play at certain points – but when you take that hat off and there is an anxious person underneath it then there is a need to take action to help solve this.

      Feel free to post here alone with anyone else, this is support to be a community site to help even if it is just to talk where you find you cannot talk elsewhere. I moderate comments so you will not have to deal with any confrontation :)

      If you do not feel like talking, I suggest you check out Panic Away as it might be a help for you too.

  • I am going to try this a few times a day, will let you know how I go

  • I think it’s sad that we who suffer from agoraphobia don’t have access to information without paying for programs that are expensive and don’t have great success rates. People with other illnesses have easy access to info on the web. I am an administrator of a support group on facebook called Agoraphobia Time To Escape – https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/hateago/ and a blog which you can find at http://agoraphobiatimetoescape.blog.com/. We offer FREE information and great support for sufferers. EVERYONE should be able to find support online for agoraphobia and panic without shelling out money for it! :)

    • Hi Patti,
      There is a wealth of information online for anxiety sufferers of all types. I am continuing to write more articles for this site and videos to support them as well in fact.
      I think it is great you have resources for people with agoraphobia and hope they really help too :)
      I do think Panic Away is an excellent offering for those looking for some more though and do not apologise for recommending a really good product that is worth paying for. There are so many success stories there that this is not some system that has no proof, it is one of the best supported systems around and well worth it for those looking for a complete package of help.
      For those cash strapped though, I hope both our sites help people find a measure of peace from anxiety and panic attacks.
      Thank you for starting that discussion though! :)

    • Please look into a new book just published on Amazon entitled My Silent Disability by Yolanda Antonino. It is the story of many years of agoraphobia and panic attacks. The answer was a simple one of just putting prisms in glasses to overcome hyperphoria. This is a condition where one eye is higher than the other and causes the symptoms. Its a lot cheaper than $150.00 dollars.

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